With growth it becomes imperative to retain technical expertise and continuously grow competencies. Intenim's training programme is a reflection of this philosophy. A conducive environment for learning is very vital for empowering employees to achieve personal as well as organizational goals.

At Intenim we want our staff to be best and exhibit excellence in work. All employees who join Intenim undergo specially designed training programme. It is designed by technical experts from Telecom domain who deeply understand the demands of the telecom software industry. Training programme includes technical modules as well as behavioral programmes on Intenim way of life and values.

Training programme at Intenim is complemented by a learning environment that encourages individual exploration, knowledge sharing, mentoring and collective effort.

At Intenim, we believe that Continuous Learning and Development (CLD) are extremely important aspects for growth. Therefore, Intenim has made substantial investments in bringing quality to this whole process and has employed experts from MNCs and Telecom Software field with hands on experience of developing large systems for Tier 1 and fortune 500 companies across the globe.

A key success factor for our business growth is a function of our holistic approach to develop talent at all levels. At Intenim, training is not an event it's a process where all employees undergo continuous competence development program from all grades.

The Training strategy at Intenim has dual objective of meeting current development needs on priority as well as investing in competencies development for the future needs.